A new website about the dental treatment and customer service I've received from Brucegate Dental Practice which is in Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland.

I've been in mild discomfort since November 2023 with no resolution in sight and despite me patiently pursuing the matter for many months now.

Crown done by Brucegate Dental Practice alongside a plaster cast from 2010

On the left you can see the crown that was fitted by Brucegate Dental Practice in 2023 (photo date: 22 April 2024) and on the right, for comparison, is a mould of the tooth that was made by another dentist I believe in 2010. It is the most recent reference I have and I strongly believe the tooth was still that shape until the crown was done. While saying they don't know what the problem is, Brucegate declined the offer to look at this mould after I found it.

I am left with a bite that is the worst I've ever had and the crown seems to be pushing against the tooth in front, causing regular mild irritation, which is worse after I have eaten. I believe that, looking at this, most people would spot what the problem might be.

From the moment the crown was put in it was clear to me that the bite was way out from what it should be. For example, the outer side seemed to be too long. However Brucegate has steadfastly refused to redo the crown and instead has "smoothed" it repeatedly over a number of appointments. To the point where now there are concerns that it might fracture if any more is done.

Rather than resolve this for me, out of the blue they have declined to do any further treatment, offered a refund and to forward my notes to my "new dentist." But we all know the problems there are trying to get a dentist these days and what complications might there be redoing this and at what cost? A refund and "new dentist" transfers any risk and extra costs onto me.

That was a shock and at that point I decided I would launch this website. I will write in greater detail over coming weeks and months. There are many interesting aspects to this. For example...

Brucegate Dental Practice sent me photos of another person's lower face and teeth

On 5 April 2024 I opened an email from Brucegate Dental Practice, looked at the enclosed photos, and thought "that isn't my lower face and those aren't my teeth." It seems I had been sent another patient's private medical data (8 photographs) by mistake and by ordinary email.

That reply was the latest in response to a Subject Access Request (SAR) that I first sent to Brucegate Dental Practice on 27 November 2023. Usually a business should provide the requested data within a month. However I have had to ask repeatedly and I believe I still haven't been sent photographs that were taken at the first appointments months ago. These would show how the tooth was before the crown...

I submitted the SAR because I was somewhat alarmed by the response I first received when I made a complaint about the dental treatment.

I will provide updates as I bring this situation to the attention of various third parties now and we will find out how effective those are at regulation, or not.

Also this website will be a source of news and information about the UK dental crisis and provide resources. Please bookmark it.

Pay attention to those rare negative reviews about any dentist

Due to the ongoing dental crisis in the UK it's likely that people feel less able to speak out about a poor experience, while there will be any number of favourable reviews.

Brucegate Dental Practice has a one star review on Google Reviews from a patient who apparently had a dental emergency while on holiday in the town and so probably feels more able to speak up than a local resident.